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Migrant Gets Just 3 Months for Savagely Beating 9-yr-old Girl

A 9-year old girl was on her way home from school in the Swedish town Boden the 24th of May. She was talking to her grandmother on her mobile phone when the 29-year old asylum applicant Mohammed Yaser Derowish kicked her in the head out of nowhere. The kick landed in her jaw.

– He just kicked me. I got really scared and panicked, the girl said in a testimony. Her grandmother could also testify that she had seen the assault on Facetime. After the kick, the girl ran away to avoid further violence.

Derowish denied the attack and attempted to convince the court that the child’s injuries were the result of her ‘bumping’ into him as he walked down the road.

The attacker was identified when police interviewed personell at the Migration Board, where Derowish had been denied asylum earlier that day. A secirity guard described how Derowish had been furious after his application was denied, and had said he had to ‘go downtown and murder someone’. The guard called the police, but no patrols were available. After watching the man, who was described as ‘unpleasant and hateful’, the guard let him go when he left the premises. The guard then called the police again and told them where the man was located.

The defense attempted to use Derowish’s failed asylum application as mitigation for the act, but the court rejected this and found the 29-year-old guilty of attacking the girl. He was then sentenced to 3 months in jail and a $ 1100 fine.

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