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Remoaner Fury as Peoples’ Vote March Declared a Total Washout.


The so-called ‘Peoples’ Vote’ March  started and ended in disappointment today, as leading Anti-Democracy protestors branded the event a ‘total washout’.

Earlier today, concerns were raised by organisers when the crowds started to assemble in central London, as there appeared to be far fewer attendees than anticipated.

Samira Ahmed of ‘Minorities for Europe’ also criticised the lack of diversity at the protest, commenting that the event was a ‘sea of grey hair and white faces’.

“This event was supposed to showcase that there is a broad, diverse opposition to Brexit, but we are seeing an overwhelming number of older, white people. Where are the LGBT representatives? Where are the young people of colour?”, she said.

The few elderly people who did make the journey, on coaches funded by notorious Globalist George Soros, were greeted by Romanians hawking goods such as EU flags, for the princely sum of £30 a piece.

There were also reports that the police have arrested several protestors who are believed to have been heavily under the influence of narcotics and alcohol.

The poor attendance and organisation counts as a major blow to the international players who funded the March as part of their campaign to wage ‘war on Brexit’.

Peter Beetlestone, of the United Europe group, lamented the apparent failure of the protest, he said:

“We are bitterly disappointed. This was about sending a message to the government. I’m not sure we’ve done that today. We must mobilise if we’re to fight the resurgent populist, hard right in Britain, Europe and the rest of the world. It feels like it’s been a total washout.”

Despite this latest humiliating failure, leading remainer campaigners have promised to continue to fight the referendum result, and have called upon the protestors to be ready for more direct action in the near future.

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