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The Madness of Fake News Historian Mike Stuchbery

Disgraced former teacher Mike Stuchbery is no stranger to most of the ‘AltRight’ community, having sprung to prominence following a very public debate with InfoWars Editor Paul Joseph Watson, where Stuchbery insisted that ancient Britain possessed a ‘multi-racial’ society.

Such was the liberal leftist celebratory masturbation over the encounter, that Twitter decided to award Stuchbery with an undeserved ‘Blue Tick’, ensuring his membership of the ‘Blue-Tick-Libtards’.

Cuckbery, as he is known amongst the ‘AltRight and associated groups, then went on to try to debunk various threads on Twitter. Perhaps awash with new-found hubris and misjudged confidence, Cuckbery – who is not a qualified historian – was annihilated when he tried to explain to a South African why a mud-hut is superior to the works of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Having fled his homeland of Australia, trying to outrun an unhappy childhood filled with ridicule and bullying, Stuchbery arrived on UK shores, armed with a cheap degree and a condescending, smug tone.

Stuchbery was quickly disabused of his notions of working at idyllic British schools with polite children, such was the bullying that the rotund teacher faced at the hands of the children, that he attempted to ban ‘banter’ in the classroom. Morbidly obese, with glasses and terrible teeth, the teacher was humiliated and beaten, Stuchbery subsequently fled from the school and tossed his teaching career into the bin.

Hatred and resentment for children would reveal itself in tweets this year, when Stuchbery voiced his opinion regarding the reported right-wing tendency amongst Generation Z, he said he wishes to ‘kick the classroom door in’ and teach children that being ‘AltRight’ isn’t cool.

Now unemployed, and crippled by severe mental-illness, Stuchbery is forced to accept charitable donations from fellow Social Justice Warriors via the Patreon platform, in exchange, his donors are furnished with pictures of himself aimlessly wandering the UK and Europe.

Such was the concern that Stuchbery was committing benefit fraud, that investigators reported his Patreon earnings to HMRC, upon further investigation, it was discovered that Stuchbery’s financial circumstances are abysmal, he would not even qualify for a credit card reserved for those with appalling credit scores.

Late last year, Twitter Support we’re forced to step in and temporarily ban Stuchbery, for his erratic behaviour influenced by deteriorating mental health, Stuchbery began demanding White Genocide and urging his followers to ‘kill whitey’.

Now on a powerful cocktail of antipsychotics, drugged up to the eyeballs, Stuchbery spends his days trawling Twitter for children and young adults to ‘debunk’, catnip for his eunuch, Numale army of followers.


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