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Traitorous Crisp Salesman Gary Lineker Demands Second EU Referendum

Taxpayer-funded Millionaire Gary Lineker has openly joined the nefarious campaign to overturn Brexit by having a second EU referendum.

Lineker, infamous for his cringeworthy TV ads for Walker’s Crisps, initially appeared to support the will of the people, but has since increasingly criticised the British public for their audacity to demand EU withdrawal.

Working with evil billionaire globalist and avowed enemy of Britain, George Soros, Lineker has joined the establishment ranks of big bankers, civil servants, capitalists and failed politicians who belong to the anti-Brexit campaign group.

Via his Twitter account, Lineker sent out tweets pushing ‘project fear’ propaganda about the UK supposedly having to stockpile food and medicine in the event of a no-deal Brexit – a scenario thoroughly debunked by British farmers and pharmaceutical giants.

The former footballer is proud of his unblemished disciplinary record, having received no red or yellow cards in his 16 years in the game – a record which would suggest a lack of competitiveness linked to low testosterone levels, and subsequently, leftist political views.

With a history of supporting SJW causes, Lineker openly attacked the British public as ‘racist and heartless’, following overwhelming public support for an MP who suggested that fake refugees should have their dental records checked to verify their age.

A total failure academically speaking, Lineker barely graduated high school with just 4 O-levels – the equivalent of the notoriously easy modern-day GCSEs – which his teachers have attributed to Lineker’s embarrassingly ‘low-IQ’ scores.

Lineker has come under justified criticism in recent years, as it was rumoured that he was trying to squirrel away his enormous BBC salary in a Tax Avoidance scheme in Barbados.

Following this latest treachery, there are renewed calls for Lineker to be removed from his lavishly-paid BBC job, with critics citing the repeated breach of the corporation’s impartiality rules by Lineker.

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