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Owen Jones: Cuckolded into a Gay Man

Infamous far-left journalist Owen Jones became a gay man after he was brutally cuckolded by his unsatisfied girlfriend.

According to biographical information on page 17 of Jones’s book ‘Chavs’, the schoolboy star of the left returned from a Labour meeting to find his then girlfriend being relentlessly pounded by a ‘beautiful man’ who Jones ‘couldn’t compete with’.

Rather than eject the couple from the property, Jones invited his girlfriend’s lover to ‘carry on’. This is when Jones states that he became sexually interested in men.

In Jones’s own words:

“At the time I was dating a girl who I thought I was very much in love with, but your sex life was lacklustre, to at the least. That was until one day upon returning from a Labour Conference, I found my girlfriend in a passionate tryst with another man in our bed. What followed was a lot of apologising  on her part. I couldn’t even speak. I felt betrayed. But you know what? I liked it.

It was at this point I uttered three simple words. Keep on going.

The confusion on her face, her olive-skinned partner, a beautiful man I must say, smiling at the suggestion. Was I going to watch? Was I going to watch the woman I thought I was in love with make love with another man? I was. And it was a revelation for me.

I’ll spare you the more intimate details, but I will say this, the next 15 minutes changed my life. The way they made love, the raw passion, the desire. How can a man satisfy a woman like that? He was just so….. powerful.

This was when I realised that I could never compete with that. Never in a million years. And why would I want to? It was his body that piqued my interest.

After they finished, I thanked them both.”

The full page is available below:

Some years later, Jones went on to comment about his cuckoldress and her ‘bull’ via Twitter.

Although ‘cuckold’ and ‘cuck’ are archaic insults resurrected by the AltRight, and not always strictly factual, in this case, Owen Jones is a confirmed Cuckold, a Cuck who enjoyed being a Cuck. Sad.

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