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Neville Southall Humiliated By Adult Baby Sex Worker

Former Everton and Wales Goalkeeper, Neville Southall, has today faced public ridicule after planning to allow an Adult Baby Fetish performer to takeover his Twitter account.

In the past, the rotund Southall has used his 144k following to ‘signal boost’ various Social Justice Warrior (SJW) causes, such as disability rights groups, lgbt activists and autism advocates.

This latest hilarity follows criticism of Southall for allowing a seemingly narcissistic campaigner, Asha Iqbal, to manage his Twitter takeovers. The Mental Health Campaigner used the account to post selfies and her digital business card, on several occasions throughout the day, causing followers to suggest that Iqbal was more interested in self-promotion rather than her cause.

When Southall tried to carefully introduce the Adult Baby Advocate Grace Rogers, he was faced without almost total mockery and condemnation from the usually supportive blue-tick brigade, forcing the ex-goalie to announce that the Adult Baby Takeover was called off.

Rogers subsequently denied that her business is ‘sex work’ and part of the Fetish scene, despite her Twitter bio linking to a ‘Fetlife’ profile, a social media site for Fetish lovers. Rogers, who claims to be a qualified mental health professional, gained permission to host the twitter takeover via the incompetent Asha Iqbal, provides Adult Baby services such as cuddles, feeding times, nappy-changing and a general ‘mummy baby’ experience to adults suffering under pervertarian psychiatric disorders.

Furious Twitter users rounded on Rogers and accused her of paedophilia and criticised Southall for therefore enabling and promoting this activity to a wider audience.

Diehard leftist Southall, though usually outspoken and aggressive towards his detractors, has yet to make a public apology for the epic balls up.

Other Twitter users expressed that it was ‘only a matter of time’ before Southall’s virtue-signalling efforts were exploited by unscrupulous social justice campaigners and perverts.

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