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Neville Southall Humiliated By Adult Baby Sex Worker

Former Everton and Wales Goalkeeper, Neville Southall, has today faced public ridicule after planning to allow an Adult Baby Fetish performer to takeover his Twitter account. In the past, the rotund Southall has used his 144k following to ‘signal boost’ various Social Justice Warrior (SJW) causes, such as disability rights …

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Terrorist Group ANTIFA Attack Home of Jacob Rees-Mogg

Violent Communist group Antifa has today claimed responsibility for the vile attack on the family home of Tory MP and Brexiteer hero Jacob Rees-Mogg. During the early hours of yesterday, far-left thugs spray-painted indecent messages such as “Posh Scum” and “shut up and die”, they also vandalised cars, spread condoms …

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Traitorous Crisp Salesman Gary Lineker Demands Second EU Referendum

Taxpayer-funded Millionaire Gary Lineker has openly joined the nefarious campaign to overturn Brexit by having a second EU referendum. Lineker, infamous for his cringeworthy TV ads for Walker’s Crisps, initially appeared to support the will of the people, but has since increasingly criticised the British public for their audacity to …

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The Madness of Fake News Historian Mike Stuchbery

Disgraced former teacher Mike Stuchbery is no stranger to most of the ‘AltRight’ community, having sprung to prominence following a very public debate with InfoWars Editor Paul Joseph Watson, where Stuchbery insisted that ancient Britain possessed a ‘multi-racial’ society. Such was the liberal leftist celebratory masturbation over the encounter, that …

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Remoaner Fury as Peoples’ Vote March Declared a Total Washout.

  The so-called ‘Peoples’ Vote’ March  started and ended in disappointment today, as leading Anti-Democracy protestors branded the event a ‘total washout’. Earlier today, concerns were raised by organisers when the crowds started to assemble in central London, as there appeared to be far fewer attendees than anticipated. Samira Ahmed …

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Biased Electoral Commission Hunts Brexiteers

The UK’s political regulator, the Electoral Commission, which claims to be a politically impartial body, has announced plans to investigate the financial backers of the victorious Brexit campaign following pressure by prominent globalists. One prominent Brexiteer targeted for investigation is Patriotic tycoon Arron Banks, who pumped more than £8m of …

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